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The story begins in mid 1930s. It is then that my grandfather Ilias Polyzos starts working as a beekeeper, catching bee-hives in the mountain and placing them in what were then called  kofinia(baskets).The story continues with my father Athanasios Polyzos who begins taking interest in beekeeping.My experience in beekeeping has begun since childhood when I began to help my father and gradually learn the secrets of beekeeping which were a legacy from my grandfather to my father. The experience is huge but in order to complete the wide spectrum of knowledge of beekeeping and since I decided to get involved professionally, I attended a one-year seminar on – initially amateur and then professional- beekeeping in I.G.E. (Institute of Agricultural Science). The seminar took place in Athens ,in the suburb of Marousi, Kifissias Avenue,in Sygrou Grove.It is there that Nikolaos Emanouel, professor in Athens University, helped me combine my experience with the scientific backround of beekeeping. Having, therefore, all the necessary knowledge and equipment in my hands, I decided to make my own packaging and standardization unit in 2009. The procedure was completed in the beginning of 2010 and that unit was then ready to support the honey production.The production takes place in Arkadia in Kaltezes spot(there is a beekeeping unit and a storing room there), in Alostena in Mt Menalo, 1200m high, in Mataraga in Thessalia and in Karoplesi in Agrafa(beekeeping unit and storing room).The packaging unit was constructed in a private area in Athens, in the suburb of Gerakas, which is a strategic spot for the bee-hive distribution and the trade management. The licence of the packaging unit has been given by the Prefecture Veterinary Administration of Eastern Attiki with the equivalent number of veterinary approval. At the same time, the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system approach to food safety is applied in the honey packaging unit according to the Codex Alimentarius principles  and the current Greek and European Legislation. The system application takes place under the constant supervision of an external consultant.The Veterinary Approval Code gives us the right to package and standardize our honey for others (fason) so it can satisfy cusomers’ preferences in packaging and appearance. What remains the same is the exquisite honey of our bee-hives which are the constant and exclusive provider of our honey production unit and for all our packaging.This vertical management has been our strategic planning from the start as well as being a one-way road for the trust in our product and, also, a firm base for the excellent quality which we offer to our clients

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